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Strong Style

Our monocrystalline glass-glass solar module Strong Style – ASWS-370-MH120-BG – with an output of 370 watt is particularly resilient and durable.

Maximum power

370 watt



Module efficiency



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Product information :

The Strong Style PV module from ASWS is efficient and robust. Thanks to the use of bifacial solar cells in a glass composite, electricity can be generated on both sides – both the direct sunlight on the front side of the cell and the light reflection on the back are used for energy generation.

This makes our Strong Style modules suitable for different areas of application: For example, for vertical installations, projects on outdoor surfaces and especially for installation surfaces with high fire protection requirements (e.g. terraced houses). Another advantage of the glass composite, the solar cells are effectively protected from environmental and mechanical influences.

Also worth mentioning are the technical features of our high-quality 370 Watt module. For example, the half-cell technology ensures optimum use of sunlight even in low-light or partially shaded conditions. The low temperature coefficient also enables maximum system yields at high temperatures.

Key features:

Product-specific data for the Strong Style solar module – ASWS-370-MH120-BG:

Product warranty 20 years
Linear power warranty 30 years
Module efficiency 20.31%
Cell type Monocrystalline PERC Half-Cell 9BB
Frame material Anodized aluminium alloy (black)
Backsheet 2.0mm highly transparent, reinforced glass
Glass 2.0mm highly transparent, reinforced glass
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) -0.36%/°C
Maximum test load, Pull / Push 2400 / 5400 Pascal
Connector MC4 compatible

Further information on the Strong Style PV module can be found in the download area.