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Strong StyleHJT

Our monocrystalline double glass solar module Strong StyleHJT – ASWS-390-MH120N-BG – with an output of 390 watt is particularly efficient and durable.

Maximum power

390 watt


1755x1038x30 mm

Module efficiency

21.40 %


23.5 kg
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Product information:

The ASWS Strong StyleHJT double glass module is highly efficient and robust. Technical features include: 120 HJT solar cells (heterojunction technology), an output of up to 390 watts, and a temperature coefficient (Pmax) of -0.26 %/°C. Thanks to the use of bifacial cells in a glass composite, double-sided power generation is possible.

This makes the glass-glass modules suitable for different areas of application – for example, for projects on outdoor surfaces and especially for installation surfaces with high fire protection requirements. Tip: The ASWS Strong StyleHJT series is particularly popular for project planning of private house solar systems (e.g. terraced houses).

Convince yourself of the quality of our solar module Strong StyleHJT.

Key features:

Product specific data of the solar module Strong StyleHJT – ASWS-390-MH120N-BG:

Product warranty 20 years
Linear power warranty 30 years
Module efficiency 21.40 %
Cell type Monocrystalline HJT Half-Cell, n-Type
Frame material Anodized aluminium alloy (black)
Back 2.0 mm highly transparent, reinforced glass
Glass 2.0 mm highly transparent, reinforced glass
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) -0.26 %/°C
Maximum test load, Pull / Push 2400 / 5400 Pascal
Connector MC4 compatible

Further information on the Strong StyleHJT PV module can be found in the download area.